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This is a unique archive containing 12 hours of lecture material by the creator of Polarity Therapy. A must for all serious students of Polarity.

The DVDs cover a series of Dr Stone's lectures given between 1956 and 1965 have been digitally re-mastered and enhanced for your listening enjoyment.

Whilst most are of good to excellent audio quality there is some significant distortion in the middle of the 1959 lecture though the content is still clear. 

2 DVD in a library case.

NB This DVD is audio ONLY. There is no video of Dr Stone teaching in existence.



This 40 minute film provides simple clear step by step instruction on this powerful but simple bodywork session. The session enhances the flow of life energy in the whole body. An ideal introduction to the premier Western approach to Energy Medicine called Polarity Therapy, the session can easily be incorporated into other bodywork treatments such as massage and reflexology or used as a stand alone treatment protocol to bring about renewed vitality and sense of wellbeing.

This is a region free DVD





A boxed DVD with nearly 30 hours of in-depth AUDIO instruction on all aspects of ancient Hawaiian huna teachings.

This is an absolute gem, packed with unique insights and guided exercises that will help you on your path to self discovery. A must for any serious student of huna, it is a guide to mastery. containing an extraordinary wealth of transformational material to help you change your life right now!

Explore in depth instruction in the ancient philosophy of Hawaiian huna. Subject overview below and click here for complete details.

1. Reality.  2. The Three Selves.  3. Consciousness.

4. The Nature of the Soul.  5. Mana - Feelings.  6. The Three Paths/ Integration - Initiation.

7. The Structure of the Body.  8. The Function of the Body.  9. Healing.

10. The Mind.  11. The Emotions.  12. Changing Your Mind.

Series 5. THE POWERS
 13. Channelling.  14. Clairvoyance.  15. Precognition.

Series 6. MAGIC
16. Changing the World.  17. Magical Tools.  18. Miracles.




Tracks on the Path

by David Kala Kala

12 spiritual discourses which will remind the listener of issues and aspects that might become obscured during the hurly burly of life, interspersed with short pieces of original music, including chanting, singing bowls, didgeridoo and shakuhachi. The music and words combine to produce an alert yet peaceful state of consciousness allowing the listener to experience the constant heartbeat at the centre of our being.

Click the cover graphic or here to listen to samples from the CD

"It is a difficult task to walk the path whilst we still have to pay attention to our busy everyday life. In ‘Tracks on the Path’ Kala has produced 12 short discourses which will remind the listener of issues and aspects that might become obscured during the hurly burly of life, but which are constant and relevant to anyone trying their best to understand and embody what it means to walk the path in this day and age. They are interspersed with short pieces of original music, including chanting, singing bowls, didgeridoo and shakuhachi. The music and words combine to produce an alert yet peaceful state of consciousness, which can only assist the listener in remembering and experiencing the constant heartbeat at the centre of our being."

See The Way of the Flamekeeper also by Kala




Chakra Magic (CD VERSION) Learn about the chakra system and how to influence it for better health and wellbeing. Practical hands on sessions for stimulating and balancing the Chakras. Add an energy dimension to any bodywork practice. 

This is a CD version of our online e-course of the same name. To see a smple from the course click the link below





Five Element Chi Kung (CD - version)

Enhance your health and  add another dimension to your healing practice through this Five Element Chi Kung (QiGong) sequence. This course shows you how to energise and balance the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This detailed presentation includes a wealth of detail on the theory of the Five Elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The course includes streaming video demonstrations, kyotaku music and detailed powerpoint presentations to show you in detail how to improve your health - TODAY!

This is a CD version of our online e-course of the same name which is available at http://www.learnpolarity.com

MasterWorks International is pleased to announce the release by The Norwegian Polarity Institute of a professional quality DVD on Polarity Therapy. This 40 min DVD explains the concept of energy and beautifully illustrates, with animated computer graphics, the chakra system, longline currents and how energy becomes congested in the body. It also includes testimonials and details on diet and exercise. The DVD has now been produced with an English voice over.



A little known, yet highly beneficial form of Chi Kung exercises. This elegantly crafted DVD leads the practitioner through a classic set of Tai Chi Ruler exercises as well as demonstrating the empty hand variations. Using clear diagrams and animation the dynamics of chi circulation are explored in depth.

 Tai Chi Ruler exercises enable the practitioner to quickly build high levels of chi in the body. The health benefits of regular practice can include release of chronic tension, improved structural alignment, improved blood circulation, increased balance and poise as well as a calming effect on the nervous system.

-5_stars Reviews



Do you want to introduce an energy modality into the health care system that you currently practice?

Energy medicine is the way forward and Polarity Therapy is the most comprehensive  energy health care system available today!

 Have you ever taken a training and discovered that you have forgotten most of it a year later or have you ever sat listening to a lecture wishing that you could hear it again because you missed a part or didn’t fully understand?

 With our extensive audio tape lectures and 7 instructional dvds you can review material as many times as you like. Our Audio lectures are crammed with insightful information and the clear, easy to follow dvd presentations of Polarity bodywork lead you step by step through over 70 tried and tested treatment protocols. In fact with this Set of DVDs you have A Training for Life!

  Do you value having access to Master level tuition?

 Of course you do, and that’s exactly what you will get with Masterworks. You will always be grateful that you decided to purchase our Polarity Therapy Bodywork DVD set and for the life skills that you will achieve when you order Today.

Available in PAL and NTSC formats

ONLY €185

free airmail shipping worldwide


See Alan Siegel, N.D., Founder of the Polarity Therapy Center of San Francisco, demonstrate hands-on healing techniques for balancing the life energy. These DVD’s were produced from videos originally filmed in the mid 1980’s and their visual quality reflects that era, the instructions are timeless. 
DVD 1 Polarity Therapy - Basic Course
Includes theory and principles, history, how to give a polarity session, a general energy balancing session, a specific manipulations for digestion, the lymphatic system, diaphragm, chakra balancing, stress reduction and more.

DVD 2 Polarity Therapy - Advanced Course 
Includes theory specific manipulations for neck, back, shoulder and hip pain, colon, kidney, foot reflexology, gas release, headaches, emotional stress and more.

Alan SiegelAlan Siegel MSc ND was the founder of The Polarity Center in San Francisco and then New York. He was involved in health care for over 40 years and was a past president of the American Polarity Therapy Association. His book Polarity Therapy - Healing with Life Energy remains our best seller.


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