Polarity Therapy


Polarity Therapy is a powerful eclectic system of healing that falls under the heading of Energy Medicine. Life energy, existing in differing frequencies and vibrations, is the underlying blue print of who we are. Our thoughts, our emotions and our life style, among other things, can disturb this energy which has immediate repercussions for the body and our mental health. So when this energy becomes disturbed in some way then we are disturbed. Polarity Therapy works to correct energetic imbalances and distortions  to re-establish natural functioning which leads to restored health.

polarity bodywork masterworksinternational IrelandThis is achieved through the use of specific modes of touch that locate where the energy is congested, weak or sluggish and then works to free it so that the vibrant flow of the life force is re-established. Free flowing energy means health and vitality and triggers the body's innate healing potential. Polarity bodywork incorporates light touch, rocking and deep tissue work where necessary.

Polarity Therapy is one of the first integrated bodywork systems drawing on elements of osteopathy, 

polarity therapy purifying dietchiropractic, zone therapy and eastern and western energy theories as

well as energetic nutrition and exercise.

Polarity is a truely holistic therapy in as much as it directly addresses the tension and emotional holding in the body as well as working with a wide variety of techniques to free the vital force as it flows through the body and the mind. There is a recognition of the role that life style, diet, relationships and environment play in affecting our health and just how our suppressed emotions can cause very real physical symptoms and mental unease.

In an increasingly fast paced, quick changing and stressful world it has never been so important to know how to take care of ourselves at every level. Health care professionals find that Polarity Therapy can quickly and easily enhance their work and speed the journey to recovery.


Where energy meets structure and form.



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