Polarity Teacher Training 2019


Module 1  FEBRUARY 27th to 3rd March 2019

Module 2  MAY 1st to 5th 2019 

Module 3  JULY 24th to 28th 2019

 Our 2018 teacher training completed successfully and we are now welcoming applications for our 2019 training

Participant numbers are limited to ensure individual development of teaching skills

Masterworks has always been committed to encouraging teachers in Polarity Therapy. This new training track is, we believe, our best so far and we encourage Polarity Therapists, who believe they have a gift for teaching, to realise that hope.

Be the Future of Polarity Therapy!

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Limited to 3 places only!

A career as a Polarity Therapy trainer can be a rich and rewarding one.

Some of the people that we have trained as teachers are teaching a full curriculum which allows their graduates to apply to the International Polarity Education Alliance to use the initials PTP (Polarity Therapy Professional) and some have chosen to teach aspects of Polarity as individual workshops or self help seminars. Some Yoga teachers have chosen to incorporate the energy aspects of Polarity to enhance their Yoga classes

However you decide to teach, Polarity Therapy has a rich source of worthwhile materials and skills that you can share to enrich the lives of others.

The course is designed to encourage you to build on your innate teaching skills and discover your own unique teaching style.

Each teaching module is designed to build on communication skills and learning styles whilst allowing your passion for polarity to enfold..

The training consists of three 5 day modules each covering different aspects of Polarity. The use of video recording of practice teaching sessions will be used to provide immediate feedback and is an invaluable way of exploring and honing teaching skills.

 Module 1  February 27th to 3rd March 2019  Energy Anatomy - The Chakra System - Oval Fields - Learning Skills - Bodywork

 Module 2  May 1st to 5th 2019 The 5 Elements - Bodywork - Polarity Reflexology - Polarity Yoga - Nutrition

 Module 3  July 24th to July 28th 2019  Nervous System Techniques - Structural Work - Polarity Model of Communication

TUITION FEE: €2995 which includes teaching materials. (A three installment payment plan is available) 


Teaching materials are provided and you will be expected to prepare for each topic prior to the relevant module so as to make full use of your time with us.

Once you have qualified you can run independent trainings or you can choose affiliate your training to Masterworks International with all its attendant benefits such as supervision, supply of books and teaching materials.

 If you have at least 2 years experience as a practising Polarity therapist at a fully qualified level (such as PTP with the IPEA or at RPP UK/USA etc) and think you have what it takes to teach Polarity then contact us now. Places are limited.

The training is held in Ballyhooly, Co.Cork. Eire. A list of accommodation in the local town of Fermoy can be sent on request. We collect and drop you back to Fermoy daily. Light vegetarian lunches provided.

Fermoy is a bustling Irish town on the Blackwater river about 20 miles north of Cork city.There is a selection of Guest Houses and a Hotel where you can stay and a good assortment of eating places. Buses run regularly from Cork city and Dublin.

Graduates of Masterworks' Teacher Training Programme

Marine Augustin - Normand, Montreal, Canada

Aldo Ballarin, Switzerland

Fabio Moretta, Ireland

Grace J. Welfar, England

Jane Seaman, The Polarity Wellness Academy, Lymington, England

Bart Andriaensen, Belgium

Karstein Skulstad, Norway

Anna Zanardelli, Accademia Italiano di Polarity, Brescia, Italy

Liz Welch, Italy

Enrico Feudo, Brescia, Italy

John Francis, Suffolk, England

Shola Arewa, London, England

Deirdre Youngs, Norfolk, England

Asha-Christine Williams, Hampshire, England

Suellen Trumbour-Cheney, Polarity Wellness East West, Arizona and Vermont, USA



Chris McGrath, Syntivity, Australia

Robyn Hand, Syntivity, Australia

(Both trained in Polarity Therapy with Masterworks but with separate teaching qualifications)


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Good quality teaching ensures good quality graduates who are well equipped to serve the general public in a safe and efficacious manner. 

Teaching is a very individual process especially if that teaching comes both from the intellect and the heart as it should. Individuality therefore is encouraged within the structure of a balanced and standardised curriculum.

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