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Holonomic Reflexology

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Taking Reflexology to the Next Level

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Holonomic reflexology is unlike any other system of reflexology. It provides new perspectives on the reflex maps from Polarity Therapy and takes a fresh look at reflexes and correspondences throughout the entire body. It draws on sacred geometry, astrology, the doctrine of signatures and the concept of a universal life force, whilst exploring more modern ideas about complex adaptive systems and the power of conscious touch.

Holonomic Reflexology uses a myriad of reflexes, patterns and correspondences that provide a more complete integrated and profound perspective on the healing process

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A must to acquire if you are curious or serious ...

- 03/04/2018

A must to acquire if you are curious or serious about Reflexology, what it does and its numerous ramifications. The text is clear, precise and encompasses all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Extensive figures and images allow the reader to integrate the richness and subtleties of this healing system. Marine Augustin-Normand Reflexologist and Polarity practitioner.

Great Book

- 03/04/2018

A great new book for everyone interested in life energy oriented bodywork written by my wonderful Polarity Therapy teachers and friends Morag Campbell and Philip Young. Drawing on the reflexology maps of polarity therapy, ancient esoteric knowledge and modern physics of biological systems, it addresses the integrated patterns of our core life energy in the full holonomic spectrum of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

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