Still Amazed

GrumpyMan polarity therapy sessionI am still, after all these years periodically amazed at what Polarity Therapy can do. How something so seemingly simple can, with skilled application, yield immediate and lasting relief. Take Mr X who came to see me suffering with lower back and sacral pain, bloating, indigestion and pain in his right shoulder which kept him awake at night.

It appeared that he was suffering from a fire imbalance. Poor digestion, liver pain resulting in added pain in the right shoulder showing a disturbance in the energy of the five pointed star pattern . A frequent result of digestive problems is pain in the shoulders and/or neck. Lower back pain, though less obvious, can also be a result of a fire imbalance which can cause a shift in the position of the lumbar spine in general.  Mr.X was also generally disgruntled with life and dissatified with his work. This left him feeling somewhat angry and frustrated.

A quick working of his fire toes, releasing the tension in his thighs and connecting toes to the fire chakra brought about immediate relief and a feeling of drowsiness. At the end of the session he reported feeling much better and has continued to feel fine.

I am not saying that every condition is as easily resolved, but its great when it just seems to magically happen. All power to Polarity.

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