From a recent phone conversation with Dr. John La Tourrette

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3-Day Kahuna Mind Technology Training

Prepared by Rev. James Vinson Wingo

Vice-President, Huna Research, Inc.


August 3 2000

From a recent phone conversation with Dr. John La Tourrette;


JOHN LA TOURRETTE: "You won't believe these

findings at first, I know I didn't. But the facts changed

my mind. After 25 years of researching metaphysics

and psychic phenomena, I discovered that there really

are hidden Master Keys for success. People who

really get results have learned how to control these

factors, and use them to direct their futures."

Dear Friend,

    In the following pages, I'll tell you about a remarkable
discovery that Dr. John La Tourrette

recently made. It even surprised him. The subject concerns you.
your life. and a simple way to

improve your prospects for the future. And why you have to act
so let me start by asking...

Do people envy you? Or do you envy others?

Do people want to be like you? Or do you wish you were

living other people's lives?

Are people in awe of you? Do they puzzle at your meteoric

rise to the top, wonder at your success, accomplishments,

and amazingly good fortune? Or is it the other way around?

    Surprisingly, after studying hundreds of powerhouses—
men and women who became

millionaires in a very short period of time, who can heal "incurable"
illness — Dr. La Tourrette

noticed that in every case there are . . .

5 simple Master Keys behind their success.

These 5 Keys also explain how some people magically turn

their lives around, even overcoming insurmountable odds, and ...

why some people who start at the very bottom manage

to reach the top - rather quickly and almost effortlessly.

    Without these Master Keys. people would not
be able to achieve success, wealth, healing,

happiness, or good fortune. And regardless of the line of work or field
of endeavor you are in —

from business, politics, and sports to education, volunteering, and
spiritual matters — these

Master Keys will determine how successful you'll be.

    But, if you know how to control these Master Keys,
you will come out on top.

To understand how it works, try this:

Think of all the good things that you want:

The things you want to own — the money you want to

accumulate — the things you'd like to achieve — the exotic

places you want to see — the abilities you'd like to have
— the

respect and admiration you'd like to earn — the love

like to receive — the personal satisfaction you'd like to
enjoy, etc.

You know what they are, and you also have a pretty

good idea what it will take to get them.

    Now imagine something quite extraordinary. Imagine
that you could suddenly reduce the

time it will take to get all these things.

Not by cutting the time by one-third or in half—

but down to a dramatic ONE-TENTH of the time.

These Master Keys enable you too accomplish injust

I year what normally takes 10 to 20 years for the

average person to achieve.

    And imagine something equally incredible:

that you could also reduce the effort it will take you to get

what you want — also down to ONE-TENTH.

    Impossible? That's what I said. But Doc showed me

As he explains:

"Think of the guy in the Bahamas who's collar bone was healed

after a 5-minute energy session."

"People heal bone all the time... it just takes 6 weeks and

a lot of energy. Anyone can heal a bone... it's the time

and effort involved that makes a 'miracle.’”

    That's the difference Huna makes... isn't
He continued...

"I healed my broken back in 10 days... you healed that lady's

cancer in 20 minutes... in each case we basically did 3 things:

* Reduced the time it took to heal.

* Reduced the effort involved.

* And, increased the probability of healing!"

        So let me ask you
a question. Why is it that some people have such incredible success
using Huna, while some never get any results?

    We all read the same books, the same courses, and
practice the Ha Rite in basically the

same way. ..right?


La Tourrette explains:

"People who are truly successful have learned how to control

these 5 Master Keys.
I’ve seen it time and time again… when

any one of these Master Keys is missed, or overlooked...

and this happens a lot… the whole thing falls apart…


when the Master Keys are present, it works and works

great... even if the 'practitioner' is not consciously aware
of them

Listen to this.

    Virginia Satir was the world's greatest family therapist.
She had the best success record on

the planet. A couple of guys named Handler and Grinder spent months
observing Virginia and

analyzing what she did exactly.

    They figured out she always took families
through the exact same process. She didn't even

know she was doing it! Now anyone can easily learn this process,
called the "6-Step Reframe."

    Virginia thought she was inspired by God... when
she found out she'd been manipulating

people she quit doing the 6 steps for several months. And during that
period, her success rate

went to zero!

But here's the most important part!

    She went back to using those exact steps (those
"Master Keys" of Family Therapy), and

using them deliberately... and she was TEN TIMES BETTER

    Now... Here's what all this has to do with YOU.

    Dr. John La Tourrette has spent years and years studying
the best, most powerful, most

successful powerhouses on the planet in Huna, NLP, Hypnosis, Pranic
Healing, Psychic

Manipulation, Energy Medicine, Silva Mind Control... you name it.

    Doc has a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology, is a Silva
Mind Control Instructor and ESP Trainer,

a Neuro-Linguistics Trainer, certified to Level III in Ericksonian
Hypnosis, a Certified Huna

Kumu and he holds black belts in 19 different martial arts. And
he's found the 5 Master Keys

of Success. Mater Keys that can make you 1000 times
more effective
, more powerful, and more

successful... giving you the methods you
need to put them into positive action.

    With these Master Keys you will be able to make incredible

commonplace, and get the things you want from life — money, power,
social prestige, love,

extrasensory and clairvoyant powers — and much more!

* The strongest power in your life, and how it can work miracles
for you.

* The Key to harnessing your metaphysical power for controlled

* Your plan for creating a miracle in your life.

* How to make room in your life for "Lady Luck.”

* How to draw the love mate of your choice to your side.

* How to attract wealth faster than you can spend it.

* How to perform health miracles for youthful energy and longer

* How to know other people's thoughts and feelings from miles

* You can control other people's thoughts and feelings.

* How to make yourself invulnerable to psychic attack by
enemies known or unknown.

* Locating best markets, mineral veins, sunken treasure, lost valuables.

* How to use your metaphysical power to make the right decision
every time.

* How you can use the weather, natural phenomena,
and world events.

* A system for expanding your powers day after day for greater
power, infinite victories, and abounding success.

To what extent? You decide.

    Power carries your decision, obeys your command.
Electricity did not begin to work for

man until he knew it was there. Bring a native in from a remote
jungle to a city and electricity

will not work for him either until he realizes that this button turns
on that light and that switch

turns on this radio. Your power is called MANA and Dr. La Tourrette
demonstrates your power

to you and shows yon how-to push the buttons and the
switches. As you do, you get

immediate proof that you have the power just as immediately
as the light turns on when you flip

a switch.

    You will make things happen. You will control your
life. You can heal yourself and others.

Doc wastes no time,.. you get hands-on demonstration and
You will feel the

power... experience the power... and see the power in your face!

    I have seen people use this power easily to:

* Change an unfavorable decision even after it was made.

* Magnify sex appeal a hundred fold.

* Inject harmony in place of hostility.

* Cause painful disease symptoms to vanish.

* Acquire a new house or car... or both.

    So, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to this

3-Day Kahuna Mind Technology Training.

    This intensive workshop introduces you to the miraculous
metaphysical powers within you

right now, by giving you the methods you need
to put them into positive action. In just the first

15 minutes YOU will be demonstrating these
powers in many ways.
If I tell you in what ways

now it will astound you. But these incredible happenings will become
commonplace for you by

the time these 3 days are over. You will find that you can...

* Get as much money as you want.

* Read other people's thoughts.

* See through walls even miles away.

* Influence people to do your bidding.

* Reap a crop of good luck every day.

* Revitalize your health and postpone aging.

* Protect yourself from those who are "out to get you."

* Climb the social, political, or business ladder to undreamed

* Affect world events.

* Buy or sell the right stocks at the right time.

    Some have been able to use these techniques to transcend
scientific law
, as we understand

science today, to change the weather, transport objects instantly over
vast distances, convert

cheap metal to precious metal, and be in two places at once, among
other miraculous events.

You may not want to go that far. But the methods are all there if you

* Penetrate skin and flesh to detect malfunctioning in a body
and cause spiritual healing.

* Build an impenetrable wall around you to protect you from
others with malicious designs.

* Increase your metaphysical powers day after day.

* Imbue commands with a power impossible to oppose.

* Cause life energy to flow through your body for astounding enduance.

* Give you judgment to make the right decision time aftertime.

    Now this energy can be harnessed by you.
You have had it all along, but you have been

using it correctly only occasionally. Once this energy is harnessed,
life becomes quite a

different road. Everything goes the way you want it to. What you can
"see" happening, happens.

    Now this road is open to you. You can
begin the cavalcade of miracles... just pick up the

phone and call 1-573-334-3478 to register for the 3-Day
Kahuna Mind Technology Training

intensive this September in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. And if you're
a Huna Member
, Dr.

La Tourrette agreed to give you this $795 training for only
. Space is limited to 29 people.

    You use simple conscious energy. Whatever you desire
comes to you. The reams of cash.

The ecstasy of love. The power to control dominate, succeed. Can
you "see" it happening?

Then, you're very close to making it happen... CALL.

    Do you want to discover how to influence the probabilities
of achieving the results that you

desire? Do you want to know how to achieve a level of success in I
or 2 years that other people

may not even achieve in 10 or 20 years? Do you want more control over
your life? More good

things? Do you want to double or triple your income? Do you want to
rise to the top of your field

or organization?

    How long will you be satified with asking others
what to do… instead of setting your

own pace and direction?

    It's up to you. It's your life. Your destiny lies
in your hands.

    Dr. John La Tourrette can show you how to easily
attain the life you want. He has helped

thousands of people (as the comments on this link show—click
here to read
). Before you decide if

you want to take me up on my Member Discount offer, please read these
comments from people

who have been influenced by Doc's insights. If what I've presented
here has piqued your interest,

I urge you to check off the "YES" box on the reply form and return
it to me before it's too late!

    I look forward to getting your reply. Regardless
of your decision, I wish you all the best for

the future.



Rev. James Vinson Wingo

Vice-President, Huna Research, Inc.

P.S. — You are destined to succeed. But how long will it take you? And
how hard will you have

to work to get it? Don't you owe it to yourself to hear what Doc has
to say? This is your only

chance to get Dr. La Tourette's $795 training for the
Special Huna-Member Discount of only

$597. I guarantee it will be an eye-opener.

    Doc's already done 2 different special trainings
for us, and folks who missed-out were

sorry because the attendees raved about getting so
much valuable information
and they demonstrated

their mind-boggling skills... and Dr. La Tourrette releases
the training videos to attendees only!

P.P.S. — By the way... I'm sending this letter out to every Huna Member,
but space is limited to

the first 29 people to sign up... and when those seats are filled that's

… so I've talked Dr. La Tourrette into giving you a little "encouragement."
The first 10 people only who

call me at 1-573-334-3478 and sign up for the 3-Day Kahuna
Mind Technology Training
get one of

Doc's $595 training video courses FREE after completing
this weekend. Thanks.


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